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We have a good knowledge of the legal market across Yorkshire in both high street and commercial firms, and if you have any queries about firms, salaries, locations, prospects, training with Yorkshire practices, obtaining training contracts in the area, please email or call us.

Contact us by email at cv@ten-percent.co.uk

Brief Summary of the Legal Recruitment Market in Yorkshire, by Jonathan Fagan LLM, Managing Director of Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited.

The market in Yorkshire is quite varied. In years gone by almost all every firm practised a standard range of law which leant towards the high street, with company commercial being about as daring as anyone got. In the current climate however business is booming. There are commercial practices in Leeds, York, Hull and Bradford who deal with a similar range of law to the large London practices, and a lot of the large firms in London have offices in Leeds. On the high street business is good in some fields and not so good in others. Personal injury has been hit hard courtesy of the various reforms since 2012 but conveyancing and wills & probate are booming and lawyers are in short supply. Crime and legal aid solicitors will not see a lot of recruitment at all - the market has virtually disappeared.

Yorkshire firms in general are not known for their generosity when it comes to paying very high wages, although some practices are extremely good in this aspect. Although it could be said that the standard of living is lower in the region than the South East, there are some firms who pay very low wages which are not competitive and do not allow lawyers to even get a reasonable mortgage. Particular offenders are in Bradford, the West Yorkshire towns and York. With the exception of some of the York firms who pay really appalling wages, other East Yorkshire firms are quite generous, and Hull is an interesting area to work in respect of this.

There is still quite a traditional outlook for a lot of the smaller high street firms, who offer partnership prospects still to their solicitors as a natural career progression. Some of the smaller firms who have grown larger and consider themselves more "progressive" and seek to rapidly expand tend to avoid such perks, and try & keep staff on assistant salaries for some years.

Staff turnover is the same as other areas of the UK. A lot of firms keep their staff for many years, and others are continually replacing lawyers. It depends on the type of law and the circumstances in which they are working.

If you have any careers questions, including salary ranges, please email us as above.

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